January 9
2023 forecast(ing) review


October 28
Music neural network redux
September 18
Copyright will have to change
August 31
LayerNorm probably isn’t about geometry
August 29
Anthropic bias is a delusion
July 4
Making a neural network that makes music
June 25
Answer to the Shooting Room
June 4
Manifold sucks
March 6
Allais still matters
February 26
Exploring Gaussian process kernels
February 11
No, staring at flickering lights won’t make you learn three times faster
January 10
About that Augenblick paper …
January 2
2022 forecast(ing) review


November 30
Neurasthenia, and the strange beliefs of George Miller Beard
October 26
Treating an ectopic pregnancy is not abortion
August 6
Remembering A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible
July 9
The things I’ve learned as a home cook
April 22
Introduction to Dirichlet processes
February 21
In search of a better community prediction graph
February 15
First thoughts on trying to predict the Supreme Court
February 5
Comparing Jgalt with datscilly
January 18
Followup on scoring human predictors
January 4
In search of a better way to score human predictors
January 2
2021 forecast review


November 21
What is debate good for?
November 12
Review of Galois’ Dream
November 5
Yet another critique of NHST
October 2
The formula for BIC is wrong
August 31
Who is teaching mathematical style?
August 17
You can take my thinking keys from my cold, dead hands
August 14
2021 will not be the hottest year on record